Compact system in a private house in Tunis
Compact system installed in the health center from the small rural village of Jedaria



Two compact systems have been installed in Tunisia: one in a health center in the small village of Jedaria and in a private house near Tunis. The two membrane distillation systems produce 120 l/day at nominal conditions with a salinity of 200 ppm. The systems include a remineralization unit, a disinfection system and a distillate tank to storage the fresh water produced.


A two loop system has been installed in Gran Canaria Island, in the installations of Instituto Tecnol󧩣o de Canarias (ITC) for research purposes. The unit produces 3000 l/day at nominal conditions. The thermal energy is provided by 72m2 solar collectors, and a 7 m3 deposit is used for the hot water storage. The intake water is seawater of 35.000 ppm.


Another two loop system has been installed in the small Italian island of Pantelleria in a power plant with 8 MW of capacity. The thermal energy is provided by waste heat from the engines refrigeration and from 40 m2 of solar thermal collectors. The distilled water is used for a pollution control process.


A third compact system was installed in March 2011 in a private house in Buen Paso, Tenerife. The nominal capacity of the system is 300 l/day.