source: ISE; Collector field of Two-Loop system, gran Canaria/Spain

technology demonstration


Phase 3: Technology demonstration
This phase of the work is dedicated to the set up, operation and monitoring of demonstration systems. In total 3 compact systems and 2 multi-module two loop systems will be installed.
Two of the compact systems, with capacity 150l/day each, will be installed in Tunisia. The one will be in a site with access to sea water and the other will be fed with brackish water. The third compact system will have capacity of 300 l/day capacity and will be installed in Tenerife.
In Gran Canaria will be installed a two-loop system powered by a solar thermal filed. The expected daily production is 3 m. The second two loop system will be installed in the Italian island of Pantelleria and will be powered by solar energy and waste heat from the local power plant. The 24-hour operation will result in daily production of about 5 m.