source: ISE; Compact System - Principle Set-Up



source: ISE; Compact System - Blueprint

component development


Phase 1: Component development
The first phase of the project will focus on development or improvement of critical system components.
First the MD-modules will be improved. Two different types of modules will be developed to suit the compact and the two-loop system configurations. The module production method will be optimised with a view of becoming automated by the end of the project.
A control mechanism will be developed, to ensure that the system will operate well in changing ambient conditions and feed water qualities.
The integration of a cooling unit will enable the recirculation of brine, increasing the recovery ratio. For the disposal of the remaining brine various concepts will be elaborated and tested for their suitability to the technology.
Finally, different post treatment methods will be considered for the disinfection and reminaralisation of the product water. Their integration potential to the MD-systems and their compatibility with PV power supply will be assessed.